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Discover the “Golden Rules” of Investing and Maximizing Your Retirement Income​

Immediately following its release, Common-Sense Income Strategies: Simple Step-by-Step Ways to Maximize Your Retirement quickly climbed the Amazon charts. Now, it has been updated to include new information about what you need to know to thrive  in today’s unprecedented Age of Economic Uncertainty.

What to Expect

Written by Michael Eastham, CPA, PFS, Common-Sense Income Strategies distills more than three decades of his experience as a financial advisor and CPA to identify sensible financial solutions for many of the long-term challenges facing those who are retired or nearing retirement.

The book begins by explaining why, as we near retirement, it makes sense to make a shift from focusing on growth-based investment strategies to focusing on income-generating investments that are designed to help preserve your savings.

This is known as Investing for Income, and it’s what many consider to be a more sensible approach to planning and saving for retirement in the midst of our current financial climate.

Based on the golden rules of reality-based investing, this book provides step-by-step instruction on how you can help reduce your exposure to market risk, so you can use your savings as a renewable source of income in retirement. Not only that, but it also provides the understanding you need to fact-check your financial advisor—so you can help avoid costly mistakes.

The knowledge shared in these pages will help you understand why so many “common-sense” investment strategies are being ignored by many on Wall Street. With that understanding, you’ll be better able to implement sensible strategies that can help you enjoy financial peace of mind in retirement.

Common-Sense Income Strategies:

About the Author

Michael Eastham, CPA, PFS, is the Founder and President of Fellowship Financial Group in Maitland, Florida. He is a recognized professional in the areas of financial strategies, investment management, financial & retirement planning, and asset preservation. Michael is passionate about educating those nearing retirement about what he considers to be a more sensible approach to achieving the retirement they’ve always envisioned.

This passion for financial education led him to host his own radio show, Retirement Income Doctor, on FM 105.5/AM 660 The Answer. The show helps to keep listeners informed about how recent developments in the financial markets could impact their ability to plan and save for retirement.

Michael is frequently invited to share his insights on the financial markets on leading financial networks like Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg, on shows like Varney & Co. and The Willis Report. Tune into the radio show here.

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